Neues zum kommenden Patch 1.2
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Montag, 16. Juli 2007
Image Kevin Mullard, Proudcer von Overlord, hat im offiziellen Forum ein Statement zum Stand der Patcharbeiten veröffentlicht.

Der Patch für PC soll hoffentlich Ende dieser Woche erscheinen, für die XBox gibt es noch keinen genauen Termin. Der Grund dafür, liegt an dem langen Dienstweg, den ein XBox-Patch im Vergleich zum PC zu beschreiten hat, und Codemasters wollen keinen Patch für PC zurückhalten, wenn er fertig vorliegt und veröffentlicht werden kann.
Die Angaben zu den gefixten Sachen sind noch nicht endgültig, das sind lediglich Planungen. Dabei sind:
  • "Maus umkehren"-Option enthalten
  • 30 FPS Cap wurde entfernt
  • Konfigurationsprogramm setzt automatisch auf minimale Bildwiederholungsrate
  • Khan Logbuch-Eintrag wird nach Abschluß korrekt entfernt
  • Wilfried erscheint nicht mehr im Dorf nachdem er besiegt wurde
  • Gesundheits-Upgrade kann die Brücke in der Ruborianischen Wüste korrekt überqueren
  • 2 kleinere Fehler beim Waffenschmieden
  • Sowie die Fixes des Patch 1.1
Klickt auf "Weiter" um die ursprüngliche Mitteilung von Kevin Mullard zu erhalten. Hier die vollständige Stellungnahme von Kevin Mullard:
As promised I’m back with an update on progress towards resolving issues some people have reported with Overlord.


Since the last post we have been working on two related sets of updates:

- PC Patch 1.2

- Xbox 360 Update

Both of these are actively being created and tested.

The PC Patch 1.2 includes the fixes in patch 1.1 and some of the additional areas we are addressing are as follows

[please note: I can’t guarantee all of these will be in the patch until it's released]

- Mistress will stop requesting presence at inappropriate times

- Issue related to upgrading steel with no steel smelter resolved

- Health upgrade will travel across Ruborian Desert bridge

- Kill Khan quest correctly closed in quest log

- Melvin will no longer reappear in party area after being killed

- Fixed forge imbuing exploit

- Brewery missing spoke

- Uninstall fix

- Invert Y option for mouse controls

- 30fps cap removed

- Config program will default to minimum refresh rate

As I said in my previous post we intend the X360 update to be comprehensive so will resolve as many minor / major issues as is possible. I don’t want to confirm exactly what until I’m *certain*, but PC Patch 1.2 patch should give you a good idea.

I expect PC Patch 1.2 to be made available late this week, however I’m afraid I still don’t have a date on updates to the Xbox 360. On the plus side all our tests so far suggest that the updates will, as with the PC patch, enable you to continue playing from your save game – even if you have triggered the issues outlined above. I’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress.

As before, the best way to get any concerns that you might have to us is to go via customer services.

Thanks for reading,


PS To try and pre-empt a potential concern: I’m not going to get into technical details, but there *is* a difference between how Xbox 360 & PC fixes are made in order to enable them to be released to you. This means it can take longer to make the fixes, and to make sure they don’t have unwanted side effects. In addition we will need to get approval from Microsoft in order to make it live, and this will take additional time. The reason PC players are getting these things first is because it's less complicated and quicker for us – and I don’t want to cynically & unnecessarily delay a PC update if I have one available.
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