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Freitag, 1. Juni 2007
Image Actiontrip hat jetzt ebenfalls ein englischsprachiges Preview zu Overlord veröffentlicht. Neue Infos sucht man vergebens, aber es ist unterhaltsam geschrieben.
If there's one thing history taught us, it's that bad guys have all the fun. Okay, so the true villains, like dictators, do get banished, hanged or just publicly humiliated from time to time, but in most cases they reign and dominate the world and nobody can do squat about it. (I had a 'Dungeon Keeper' feeling all along about this game. Don't know if I'm right yet. - 2Lions) So, history points the very obvious lesson that being bad can get you riches, fame and as many women your tongue can handle. To cut a long story short, good is out and bad is in. For that very reason, Codemasters and Triumph Studios mean to tempt gamers with a touch of evil in their latest action-adventure, Overlord.

Preview @ Actiontrip

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